About Us

Welcome to JSWSN.org

JSWSN (Jewish Singles With Special Needs) is an organization born of a strong desire to help people with disabilities across the world make strong and lasting connections. JSWSN provides all members with an opportunity to form meaningful friendships and long lasting relationships in a safe and secure manner. Our members come to us with a wide range of disabilities and find a place to communicate in a safe and non judgmental environment.

Through technology, JSWSN creates a bridge between loneliness and companionship to anyone who is uncomfortable with the traditional online scene.

Our user friendly technology makes it easy to send and receive emails within seconds of delivery rendering communication both quick and effective.

Best of all JSWSN is a non for profit organization and thus free of charge!

Anyone is welcome to join our site, regardless of their financial situation, form of disability or Jewish religious level.

In a nutshell, JSWSN creates the technology and bridge to find companionship, love or someone to interact with for anyone who is not comfortable with the traditional dating scene or has a disability.

JSWSN is completely free for all and is used by several thousand members. Our founder, Mrs. Devora Alouf, works tirelessly to match and assist all members and provide them with care, love and attention.

The Alouf family has been the driving force behind the organization- we have many plans to expand and offer many new service for the Jewish community.

This includes:

  • Expanded operations, volunteer network and global operations for 2018 - 2020
  • Expanded private connection services (We currently receive more requests then we can handle) to help combat loneliness and isolation faced by our members
  • New online job bank for anyone in the community with a focus on job seekers with a disability
  • New technology for the site such as live chat
  • New local events across North America
  • New Facebook advertising campaign to spread the word and help find specific individuals that would be a good match for existing members
  • Add languages such as Hebrew, French and Spanish to the site
And more!

However, we can not accomplish the above by ourselves. Please donate and help us accomplish all of our goals! JSWSN is an independent 501(c)(3) , non-profit organization. Tax ID: 65-1134716.

Questions comments? Please contact us for more info.